Kirkwood has nine active ruling elders, who serve on a governing board called “the session.” Ruling elders are elected by the congregation to strengthen and nurture its faith and life. Together with the pastor, they meet to listen to God’s leading and follow God’s will for the church. Decisions are made after prayer and discussion. When we disagree, we keep in mind our ordination vows to uphold the “peace, unity, and purity of the church.”

Our session and other church officers are listed below. Each session member also leads or serves on at least one of our ministry teams (examples: Property Team, Connection Team).

Class of 2021

Frances Collins
Wendy McClellan
Shawn Brecht

Class of 2022

Kathy Stanley

Class of 2023

Mike Brodersen
Yvette Grant
Deborah Ruth
Kyle Sprague

Church Officers

Frances Collins – Clerk
Wendy McClellan – Treasurer